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All Hypnosis Training is provided by Kip Lyon (K.I.P. Hypnosis Ltd.). Kip is a Certified Hypnosis Instructor through the Institute For Advanced Neuro-Research And Education, New York, NY. You will be expertly guided through these exciting and comprehensive course offerings by an expert-level instructor.


Certified Past Life Practitioner

This is an exciting, comprehensive and fun 2-day course enabling you to become a Certified Past Life Practitioner.

Certified Past Life Practitioner Course curriculum includes:

Fundamentals of Successful Hypnosis: You will be taught the most important fundamentals of hypnosis, making it possible for you to guide your clients down into deep levels of hypnotic trance.

  • Essentials for Successful Hypnosis.
  • Keys to Delivering Effective Suggestions.
  • Hypnotic Induction Technique.
  • Hypnotic Deepening Techniques.
  • Trance Termination.

Effective Past Life Facilitation Techniques: You will learn and practice step by step techniques enabling you to facilitate effective past life sessions.

  • Techniques to Initiate And Facilitate A Past Life.
  • Techniques to Maintain Trance Depth.
  • Death Bed Scene.
  • Detailed Past Life And Death Bed Questionnaires.

Included With The Course:

  • 2 Days Of Training And Practicum.
  • Comprehensive Student Workbook.
  • Ample Student Practice in Hypnosis and Past Life Techniques.
  • Certified Past Life Practitioner Certificate.


Certified Hypnotherapy Course

100-Hours Of Intensive Classroom Training

This 100-Hour intensive Hypnotherapy Course provides you with certification through The International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT).

Basic Hypnosis curriculum includes:

  • Historical Overview of Hypnosis
  • Misconceptions Regarding Hypnosis
  • Laws and Types of Suggestions
  • Rules of the Mind
  • Pre-Induction Protocol / Suggestibility Testing
  • Essentials for Successful Hypnosis
  • Levels of Trance
  • Various Induction Methods
  • Techniques for Effective Suggestions
  • Hypnotic Deepening Techniques
  • Trance Recognition
  • Hypnotic Challenges
  • Ending the Trance
  • Abreactions
  • Smoking Cessation Script
  • Weight Control Script
  • Stress Management Script
  • Self Confidence Script

Advanced Hypnosis curriculum includes:

  • Historic Beliefs about Hypnosis
  • Essence of Therapeutic Suggestion
  • Advanced Inductions
  • Hypnotic Pain Management
  • Changing Perceptions of Discomfort
  • Creating Disassociation
  • Creating Anaesthesia or Analgesia
  • The Creation of Most Problems
  • Hyper-Suggestibility
  • Phobia Techniques
  • Resistance and Defences
  • Dealing with Resistances to Feeling Emotions
  • Activation of Parts
  • Parts Work
  • The Connection of Feelings
  • Hypnotic Dialogue
  • Possible Challenges During Hypnotic Dialogue
  • Inner Child Process

Included With The Course:

  • 100 Hours Of Classroom Training And Practicum.
  • Comprehensive Student Workbook.
  • Ample Student Practice in Basic and Advanced Hypnosis.
  • IACT Certification Upon Completion
  • Access to the IACT Members database containing 100s of scripts and past hypnosis articles.
  • 1-Year subscription to Subconsciously Speaking.

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