Somatic Healing

Somatic Healing™ Hypnotherapy for Injury, Pain and Disease is a new dimension in hypnosis therapies utilizing Alchemical Healing; an advanced methodology for exploring and clearing the underlying causes of disease in the subconscious mind.

Somatic Healing™ consists of four powerful advanced therapeutic processes:

  • The Golden Sun Process
  • Hypnotic Movement
  • Colour Healing
  • Psychic Surgery
The Golden Sun Procescolour-therapy

The Golden Sun Process is an extremely effective energy channelling technique which helps you to concentrate and channel the energy of the universe into places of pain and illness in your own body.

Hypnotic Movement

Hypnotic Movement is a process of tuning into your body and allowing it to move in its own unique way to unwind physical traumas, reduce swelling and inflammation and eliminate pain.

Colour Healing

Colour Healing involves discovering the colours of pain in your body and learning easy ways to move that colour out of your body through exit points that your body readily identifies for you. This is especially powerful for headaches, migraines and chronic pain.

Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery as performed by the Inner Healer, who is your powerful inner guide, can give you medical advice and perform spiritual surgery on your body to remove tumours, repair bones, muscles and internal organs of your body.