“Amazing. That’s how I describe the turnaround in my life through hypnosis sessions at Absolute Hypnosis. After smoking off and on for many years and watching my health deteriorate to the point where I could barely walk up the stairs without stopping and gasping for air part way up, I knew it was time to make a change. My wife suggested hypnosis, as she had met Kip at her workplace and heard that Absolute Hypnosis dealt with smoking cessation. I knew that I had to quit, but I was skeptical and I figured that if it didn’t work that I would just go have a cigarette. I met with Lani and she thoroughly explained the process to me, which made me feel very comfortable. I had two sessions with Lani and I have to tell you, I feel fantastic. I had no symptoms of withdrawal and I don’t even think about cigarettes anymore. With renewed energy and motivation I have started on a path toward better health. Once again, amazing. Thank you to my wife and thank to Absolute Hypnosis.

-Lance B.

Ms. Andrews. I would like to thank you for your incredible Self-Hypnosis sessions and CD. At the time I first came to you I was experiencing a tremendous amount of job-related stress and I knew that I had better learn how to manage that stress before it had a negative impact on my health. Your sessions in mastering self-hypnosis taught me how to relax deeply and effectively. I use self-hypnosis all the time now as a motivation technique and to help channel my creative energies as well. Thank you for sharing your expertise! It’s made a huge difference in my life!”

-Susan L.

“Initially I came in to quit smoking, which after 25 years of being chained to my cigarettes, I decided I just had enough. Thank you for that. You’re right, it had to be me that was motivated to quit, not somebody else’s idea. I then moved on to reiki-training-westshoreyour self-hypnosis course and I have to say that also was the best money I spent. The self-hypnosis course, besides the stop smoking tools you gave me, has helped me to stay a non-smoker. I used it for my insomnia too, and it works like a dream. Pun intended. I guess it’s only the limitations of my imagination that will restrict the potential of what I can use the self-hypnosis for. Thanks again for all your help.”

-Alan A.

“Hey! I’m not smoking anymore. I walk around telling everybody I quit smoking using hypnosis and they give me this weird look. They don’t have a clue about hypnosis, and neither did I until I called you up and came in for my appointments. You really educated me to understand what happens when I’m in hypnosis and how habits plant themselves in my subconscious mind. I’m still butt-free after 6 months and don’t need it in my life anymore. I’m saving a ton of money each month too as a result. Thanks loads.”

– Charlie N.

“My friends compliment me on my looks. They think I did something with my hair and I have to laugh so loud (inside). I haven’t told them what I did as it was a bit too personal to share with them. My self-esteem was pretty low when I came in to see you last year. I kept beating myself up with what you called my internal dialogue. I’m so amazed at my results. I never expected any physical changes, but here I am walking tall with a snappy energy in my step and I feel great about myself. Finally after so many years this great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The difference my friends are seeing is a new revitalized me, and I haven’t done anything to my hair – honest. Thank you so very much Iolani.”


“ I just wanted to write and share with you that I am totally pleased with the new weight loss CD! Not only have I begun to lose weight, but I have noticed a whole new way of thinking about food and life in general. When I listen to the CD I am able to sink into this incredible state of deep relaxation and that in itself is worth the time and energy it takes to “stop and smell the roses” for a few minutes each day. Then I get to carry that sense of relaxation with me throughout the day. For example, I woke up feeling a little anxious about my dentist appointment today. I listened to the CD and have been able to shake that anxiety completely! If there was a Nobel Prize given out for helping people to relax and regain control – Absolute Hypnosis would get it for sure!”


“I have been using the Sleep and Dream CD for the past month. I bought it initially to help me dream, and more importantly to remember my dreams. At the time I was also having difficulty sleeping throughout the night. One of my major goals was to work with my insomnia, I listen to this CD every night and now I am finding myself sleeping the whole night through. I awaken in the morning feeling very rested. I am having the most vivid and detailed dreams, and I am remembering them in the morning. I’m amazed and I thank you.”